Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You Go Girl

McKayla received some dress up cloths for Christmas and a Karaoke player. She loves to rock out. I love this picture!

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Sky is Falling

So, like Chicken Little, will the scientist start to say that the end is near due to our odd weather patterns? I'm not sure that I buy into the whole the earth is going down thing. However, I do believe that as we gain more knowledge to what is good and harmful to ourselves and others, we should take that into account. In a practical way people. I'm sure that all those who got rid of their SUV's and 4-wheel drives due to high gas prices were a little sad these last few weeks. Yes, I will keep my SUV. No, I will try not to leave lights on all over the house. (kids make it hard at times). Yes, I will try to recycle more. No, I will not turn my garage into a recycling center. Yes, I will try to conserve on gas and energy by being smarter. No, I won't live in discomfort. I firmly believe that God has a handle on the earth. I firmly believe that the earth nor man kind will not pass away or disappear until God allows it. I stress a lot less with this thinking. Perhaps, one day I will even be able to argue my beliefs more thoroughly, but for now I simply believe.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dashing Through the Snow

Yesterday we went sledding with my sister-in-law and her family. It was a lot of fun. It took us almost a half an hour to get everyone dressed to go. McKayla go to wear her new snow cloths she got for Christmas. We stuffed Ariana into 2 snow suits. She couldn't move. It was very funny. She was very tolerant of the hour and half snow fun. her in the sled once and she thought it was okay. McKayla on the other hand did not. We took her down three times and she crashed all three times. After that last time she didn't want anything to do with it. However, I think she enjoyed being outside. I had a great time and so did Chad.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


We had a lovely Christmas. I am always so glad that our family is so accommodating that we get to see both sides during the holidays. We do Christmas Eve at my in-laws. This year the kids all preformed songs and talks and that was wonderful. I really like hearing the talents that the kids have. We also did the Christmas Story with the kids in character. This was fun as well. We ate a scrumptious dinner and sang songs. Then we opened presents. I love this special tradition of Christmas Eve.

McKayla was a wise man and Chad was her camel.

Late Christmas Eve my family showed up. My brothers, their wives, Chad and I stayed up talking until very late. Then I needed to get up early to get the turkey going. McKayla woke up about 8. Then I unleashed her on my family to wake them up. After that we opened presents. A lot of presents. My kids got more then any 5 kids should have. They are still discovering things they haven't played with yet. I am grateful that they get spoiled once a year. Really though, they need to clean out their toy boxes to make room for all the new toys. Then we had dinner and my brothers had rush off in the snow storm to ensure they were able to make it home. Both families made it home after traveling on very scary and icy roads. My parents and grandmother were stuck here until the next day before their road opened. I'm glad everyone is home safe!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let It Snow...Now Let It Stop!

It started snowing last week. Just a little bit here and there. Nothing too crazy. I was excited. I wanted a white Christmas. Then on Sunday it really started snowing. It actually forgot to quit! We got a ton of snow. The roads are nasty. McKayla was in Boise and I was have a slight anxiety attack. I couldn't even settle down to read the new book Chad got me. It took my parents 7 hours to drive from Boise to Idaho Falls. I was very on edge. I think I called them at least every 30 minutes. I was so grateful when I saw the car pull into the driveway. I am worried about my family traveling during the holidays. I want them to come here so bad. I want to them to be safe even more! Take a look at our snow.

Monday, December 22, 2008

"oh the Weather Outside is Frightful"

I insisted on a warm fire today. One thing I dislike about making a warm fire is the smoke. If we can stand the smoke that bellows out of the fire for the first little bit then I can enjoy my fire. We were blessed to buy a home that had a wood stove. I am grateful for this source of heat. I love the fire and I can't wait to burn a Yule log. I know, I'm practicing a pagan ritual, but what isn't pagan these days? Besides, when I use my stove, I can turn off mt heat so it saves me money! Now I just need to roast some chestnuts.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I think I have wrote a post about this before, but I love Sundays. There is just something about being together with family. My husband says that is what we enjoy the most about the holiday season. We get to enjoy the spirit of family. This last year and a half we have enjoyed spending Sundays with some of Chad's family. Not only do I love family time, but I love my ward. We have a small, but close ward. I am grateful for this. I really feel like we belong here. I needed this day to relax before I start rushing to get stuff done for Christmas.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


My daughter is having an adventure. My parents needed to borrow our car to pick up my grandmother. While they were here we decided to allow McKayla to go to Boise with them. She has been asking to go and stay the night for a long time. I think I am having a harder time than she is. The house is too quiet. I don't have someone that talks to me. Sadly, Chad got called into work, so I am having to deal with this by myself. I know she is safe and fine. She is going to be spoiled by my family. I have 2 brothers that live in Boise so McKayla will get lots of attention from 2 uncles and 2 aunts. I am so greatful for the love that my family has for my kids and the love they give them in return. However, I want the time to fly so that I can have my girl back home with me.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Spirit of Christmas

Last night went went to the local museum. There they had displayed gingerbread houses, Santa figurines, and nativity scenes. It was so wonderful. I am glad we took the opportunity to do it before all of the snow came. McKayla enjoyed it. She was very well behaved and knew not to touch things. Ariana fell asleep on the way there, so she missed all of it. I hope they bring it back every year. Below are some pictures we took.
I've always like this figurine of Santa kneeling before Jesus. It helps me remember the true meaning of Christmas.
McKayla wants to make this ginger bread house next year. I don't think so.
I liked this Irish nativity. It reminds me of Stonehenge.
This one turned out dark, but look at how big the Christmas tree is.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Little Tough Girl

Last night I exercised, yea for me. After I got done Ariana wondered into the exercise room. Both of my kids love to play with the exercise stuff. I'm not sure why. When we checked on her she had pick up the 3 pound weight. By the time we got the camera, she had put it down and was coming out of the weight room. We are both proud of our tough girls. McKayla loves to pick up the 3 or 5 pound weights and mimic what I am doing. We have a hard time explaining that she can do the same movements as I am doing, but she can't pick up the weights. Chad has a hard time suppressing his pride when his girls show interest in being healthy. Here are some pictures Chad got.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's Inside?

Last night we made our annual ginger bread house. Did anyone else notice this gets easier every year? This year we bout a house that was already constructed. All we had to do is mix the frosting and put on the candy. The who time McKayla wanted to know what was inside. She had fun eating the candy and licking the frosting. Ariana did not really appreciate this activity, so she went and hid under her saucer with a spatula. We took a lot of pictures of this activity. This is one of our favorite Christmas traditions.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Savior's Stocking

This year we put up a white stocking for the Savior. In it we have put kind deeds we have done for one another and others outside of our family. I love this little white sock. It has really helped me count my blessing everyday and see what wonderful gifts my family are to me. I stop and think about how often my husband will take the kids when he can. I think about how my three year old loves to help with chores, cooking, and playing with her little sister. I think about my little baby and how she brings such a sweet spirit to my heart. This white sock has made me realize that my children have unique gifts that I may not have noticed before. McKayla has the gift to make me laugh. No matter what she does or how crazy she is, she can make me laugh. Ariana has a gift similar to her father. She can calm me. Her sweet spirit calms my soul and makes me focus on the eternities. While my family is far from perfect, I am grateful for this little white stocking that has made me reflect about the gift of my family.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Much Fun!

My daughter has been pestering me to let her go outside for 3 days. She has a cold so I've been putting her off. Yesterday morning her threw up, so we missed church because I didn't want to contaminate anyone. Now we think it was due to drainage from her cold, but it never hurts to be over cautious. Ariana has a green nose and I have to bulb it out a few times a day. She hates that. So, today I finally gave into the pestering for 5 about 5minutes. I was outside working on clearing the driveway, and Chad got the girls dressed for the cold and let them come out for a little bit. The snow still won't pack for a snow man. We did pull the girls around on the sled and make snow angles. i had fun. I didn't really want to come in, but I knew that I was pushing it with them being sick. McKayla cried and had a minor melt down because she "won't get sick outside". She wanted to keep playing. I told her that maybe we could play for a few minutes tomorrow. I am glad we have a little snow. I love a white Christmas. Here are some snow pictures.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Grave Yard Goop

You are probably thinking "It's Christmas Time." Yes I know this. Here is my crazy story. I love Rice Krispy treats. I think they are great, all gooey and crunchy! Yum. Well, I have never made Rice Krispy treats. Yes, I know you are all shocked, but it is true. I fondly remembered the old commercial where the mom is in the kitchen reading a good book while the family is waiting for the delicious dessert. She splashes flour on her face and announces that she is finally done cooking for her family. They all rush in to worship the cooking goddess, so grateful for her bountiful gifts. I liked the idea. So, I pulled out my trusty cook books. I started going through all of them. No where was a recipe for rice krispy treats. Am I the only LDS person over the age of three that doesn't know how to make these things? I then went to my 2 favorite cooking blogs. I couldn't find them there either. I finally found one that was a triple layer treat with the original, chocolate and peanut butter. So, I followed the recipe for the original layer and guessed at the measurements. I decided to use these cute pink and green marshmallows that I bought McKayla. They would look so festive. So I got going. I put the butter and marshmallows in the microwave and started cooking. The pink and green looked so pretty together. Then I had to stir it. It kind of went from pink and green to a color between grey and green. Then I didn't spray the pan I put them in so they stuck and I couldn't get them to spread out. In the end it look like a lumpy goopy mess. However, they tasted good. I had McKayla close her eyes while I gave her the first bite. She did it, and she liked my treats. Chad liked them as well. My parents stopped by today real quick while they did some Christmas shopping. My mom wanted to know what I put in the treats. Sigh. But like good parents, they ate it without complaint. I learned that while they tasted good, presentation is everything. Oh well, I found a great Halloween treat!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh Man!

I really wanted it to snow so that I could take my kids out to play. It snowed less than an inch last night. today the wind is blowing so hard that it feels like 10 degrees outside. No Sledding for us. The wind is also blowing the snow clouds away. We were suppose to get up to 4 inches out of this storm and now we will be lucky to get 1 inch. I hate snow on the roads, but I want a white Christmas and a snowman.

Friday, December 12, 2008

People Should Be Likes Books

I know this sounds like a funny title. Let me first say that I adore books. We have books in almost every room in our house. We have 7 bookcases and need another one. I know that sounds like a lot of books, yet I want more! Books are wonderful. I am so grateful that I married a man that appreciates books as much as I do. I He doesn't read as many as I do, but he is always willing to discuss my books with me and listen to me talk on and on about certain books. I was born deaf and books seemed to be my friend from an early age. Sometimes they were my only friend. I never had ask a book "what" because I couldn't hear what was said. I often felt embarrassed by my speech and lack of being able to understand the conversation, so I turned to books. Books never go out of style. They are always easy to find. They don't have new technology waiting around the bend making all of my old books obsolete. Books never judge you or become jealous if you don't read them for awhile or you feel like reading something else. Books are always glad to see you. Its almost like they say "Hello Krista. I missed you. The last time we were together to main character was..." Doesn't that seem just so kind? I saddens me that as a whole, our population is turning away from books and and more to computer, movies, and game centers. Not that these are bad forms of entertainment, in fact, my husband played his Hulk game last night while I was reading a good book. But, where is the imagination in these other past times? You can take a book anywhere, and you don't need electricity for it. Although I have become more addicted to Facebook games and other entertainments, books will always be my number one love.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Early Christams

I'm spoiled by my husband, and I know it! I have been wanting a stereo in the kitchen because I love to listen to music while I am in there. I will admit that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This is where I do a lot of activities with McKayla, I cook there, and well it seems it is always a mess. So, I'm there a lot! I am so excited to have my stereo up before I start all of my holiday baking. It just seems to make the cookies sweeter when you sing while making them. Not only does it play Cd's but I can listen to music on the radio. Yea! Bring on the carols.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Outside At Last

I took McKayla outside after library time today. Ariana fell asleep in the car, so I left her in the house and spent some time outside. It was fun. I tried to make a snowman for McKayla, but it wouldn't work. The snow wouldn't pack together and there was not enough snow for a snowman. I did pull her around in the sled. Mostly she just ran around outside happy to be free from the house. It wasn't too bad once I got out there. I did get my exercise running back and forth to check on both girls. After playing outside, McKayla came in and had hot chocolate and cookies for a snack. I think that should make up for not getting outside sooner. Check out these great pictures.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm so, so, so sorry

You know those great snow pictures I promised? Didn't happen. I never let the kids go outside. I know that this it a crime against humanity to keep your kids inside on the first Christmas snow fall, but I did. Again, I'm sure this will scare McKayla and put me down as a bad mom, but that's okay. I did get all of our presents wrapped. I am so excited. I love wrapping presents. I also went with my in-laws to see a house in our ward where the lady puts up Christmas trees all over her house. She has over 100 trees and they all have themes. They can't turn on their house lights because they have so many lights on their trees. The trees are just beautiful. you could spend hours looking at each tree. I am so grateful that this lady allows people into her home to see the trees. I think it is a wonderful tradition. My in-laws said there is a house that has music to lights on 55th. We went to the one on Barnes last year, but I guess the one on 55th is better. So, this week I am going to find the house. Join me in the quest. Who doesn't like to see pretty lights?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Snow Snow Snow!

It snowed. Well, a little, but I will take it. We haven't been out to play in it because I like Ariana might be having some ear problems. Who knows. Anyway, I hope Chad will take McKayla out later today and pull her around in a sleigh. This leads me to my next question. Where does one go sledding on this side of town? Is there a hill that everyone goes to? This will be my quest. I want to find a fun hill to play on. Next, I need to build a snowman. We never got around to it last year, but I promised that I would this year. So, look forward to snow pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Something Fishy

Okay, this post is a little weird, but so am I, so all is well. I have tuna sitting in my storage room. It is no where near going bad, but I wonder to myself, what am I going to do with a case of tuna fish? I don't mind a tuna sandwich once in a while, but a case? So my question is this: what recipes do you have up your sleeves? I want something that taste good and uses tuna. If you read my post about me then you will know I don't like seafood, but tuna is cheap and good for you. A little mayo and pickle juice and olives.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Last year we took McKayla to see Santa. She cried the entire time. She wouldn't ever look at him. This year we took both kids to see Santa at the library. McKayla was a little wary, but she told him that she wanted to dress up like a mermaid and princesses. (She'd better want those dress up cloths). Then I sat Ariana on his lap. She just looked at him. We quickly took the picture before she could start crying. Then, we took the girls to the back table to make a craft. Well, McKayla and I made the craft while Chad and Ariana played. It was fun and a lot less stressful than the mall. Yea!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree(s)!

Yea! We did it. You can now all do the Dora dance. If you don't know it, McKayla can teach you! We put up our big family tree in our living room. It takes up most of the space in our little room, but I love this tree. My parents gave it to us because they were sick of putting up such a huge tree now that there are no kids at home. This tree has many ornaments. McKayla noticed the cat decor and asked why I have cats on the tree. I explained to her that my parents would always try to find a cat ornament for me every year. You wouldn't believe how hard this is. I finally gave up last year and found some pretty ones that I like. I also buy my kids one every year. It is a great tradition.
Then I put one up in McKayla's room. It looks cool. It is decorated with clear ornaments from the dollar store. It is simple and cute. I didn't tell her I was doing it, so while she was helping Chad put up the big tree I was in her room doing her tree. Her face was filled with joy when she saw "her" tree.
Lastly, I did one downstairs. I like this one because it is very simple. It sits right next to a picture of the savior, so it looks like he is looking at this tree. I have never done more then one tree. It was busy, but I love the effect.
I know that others could do this so much better, but I do take pride in trying. The most amazing thing happened when we put up our trees. McKayla kept saying "I love you" over and over again. It made my heart melt to hear her joy come through acclamations of love. She is so wonderful. Ariana was not too sure about all of the Christmas mess. Then we got out the lights. it was at that moment that she decided that this was okay. I worry that my kids will grow up and focus more on the getting rather than the giving, but when I asked McKayla what Christmas was about she told me "Jesus". I am humbled and taught by this small child daily.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Is This the Day?

My husband is sick of me pouting. He has agreed to put up the tree today after he puts in some time for homework. I am excited. However, I need to get all of my to-dos out of the way so I can completely enjoy the spirit. We are going to start a new tradition this year. I am going to buy a white stocking and hang it up with our family stockings. This stocking will belong to the Savior. During this holiday season we are going to record as many acts of service as we can. These can be as simple as sharing toys, to helping do a chore, or taking cookies to neighbors. We have lots of opportunities to serve within our family and to others as well. On Christmas morning I want to take the time for us to read our gifts to Jesus before the present opening begins. I know this will be a challenge for my kids and we may not be able to read all of the notes, but at least I will be trying to teach my kids about the true gifts of the season and to whom we own all we have. Do you have a special tradition that brings the Savior more into your holiday season?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I was contently sitting at my scrapbook table doing a project. The girls were playing near by and no one was yelling at me. It was bliss. Then I heard "Mom! Ariana is upstairs." I thought to myself, "Upstairs? She can't climb the stairs yet." Oh yes she can. She truly had climbed the stairs. She hasn't tried going down them yet, but I think we are going to start to work on that project. Why can't my kids just stay in one place? I love them to pieces. I personally think that I was given these two children because I did the same things. i never got hurt climbing the hay stack. or riding the 4-wheeler (except for that one time), I seemed to feel like I couldn't get hurt. These two seem to think the same thing.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Remember when I posted about a play group? McKayla was so excited and so was I. I thought it was a great way to get to know other people and allow McKayla to play with other kids. Problems: No one has shown up in the last three weeks. This week I didn't tell McKayla that kids were going to come over. When no one shows up she is very upset. i can't say that I blame her. I'm not sure what is going on. Maybe people will want to do it after the holidays? I'm not sure what I am doing wrong? I had some ideas for the groups such as having story time, game time, and a craft, so there is more structure, but I don't want to plan everything out unless I know people are coming. How do I get my child involved with other children so that she can learn to play with kids her own age? I can't really afford pre-school, but I am wondering if I need to. Yet my nieces didn't go to pre-school and they are all socially wonderful, well adjusted kids. Any ideas?

Monday, December 1, 2008


I had a wonderful holiday. Holidays for my family are a bit stressed. We don't want to split the holidays between families, so we try our best to visit both families during the holidays. This leads to some tough scheduling, but we really love it! On Thursday we spent Thanksgiving with my in-laws. They are great. We had delicious food and we visited with family. Then we looked at the black Friday ads. Lastly, we watched a movie. On Friday I got up and went shopping, then I cooked breakfast, and then I started cooking dinner for my family. I had a blast cooking. I loved spending time with my family and cooking for them. It gave my mom a much deserved break. Her health is not that good and she works full time, so I really wanted her to relax during Thanksgiving. I'm not sure how relaxed she was because she was playing with the girls, but I know she had fun. My oldest brother Rob came from Boise for Thanksgiving. His girlfriend Liz couldn't come and I know she was as sad as we were. Rob played with the girls a lot. I got some great pictures of it. I love family!

Ariana decided to get Rob!

Rob was also the horse for McKayla.

This is Grandpa Allred with the great-grand kids. Ariana did not want to do the picture.

The hustle and bustle of cleaning up and enjoying the family.