Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm Back

So I spend Friday and Saturday scrapbooking. I was able to complete 40 pages and make 34 cards. I could have done some more, but became a little tired due to lack of sleep. I slept most of yesterday to catch up. i am so grateful to my family for allowing me the opportunity to go have fun. For 2 days I didn't have to worry about taking care of anyone or cooking or cleaning. Today I am ready to step back into that role. It was an amazing vacation from life that I really needed before the holidays. This week is going to spook-tacular.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dark Before The Dawn

Gloomy sounding title, I know. I am going away this weekend. Well, not away from my town, but away from the family. I am going to a scrapbook convention and I will be there until Sunday morning. I am going to finish all of my pictures and get my Christmas cards done so that I can be all caught up when the holidays hit. I love scrapbooks and recording our life as a family. However, last night my little Ariana woke up about 1 in the morning screaming. I took her to my bed and she settled right down clutching her father and I. Then at 2 she woke us by by throwing up. While Chad gave her a bath, I changed the sheets on the bed and we all went back to sleep with a bowl in the bed by Ariana. Then at 4 she woke up again. Thankfully she did not need a bath this time and the sheets survived. She does not have a fever and is still her silly self. She is a bit demanding, but I don't know if that is her age or tummy. Thankfully Chad is on duty starting at 2 this afternoon and I am off to play. I am so grateful that she is not really ill and I am so grateful that my husband is capable and confident enough to take care of her while I go play. I pray that this will not pass on to anyone else in the family and that it does not turn into something more serious.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yesterday McKayla painted a small pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. I thought I had put the paints in a safe spot, but Ariana managed to finger paint her face a neck and cloths. I didn't get a picture because I didn't want her to touch anything. However, I thought she looked pretty good green.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I was looking through my journal from this time last year. I remember feeling so isolated and alone. I remember having a new baby and tons of yard work to do. I look back and I relize how many wonderful friends have come into my life. I relize that I have gotten to know those in my neighborhood better and I have found new friends from facebook. I have also gotten to know family better. Little chats, smiles, and waves really make my day. It is wonderful feel more connected and to know I have people I can talk to. My husband is still gone a lot due to school. I still have a ton of yard work to do. I still have two small children that seem to be mischevious. But Life has changed since then, we have grown and reached out more. I am so very blessed.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I had a quick idea that I thought I would share. When my oldest daughter was about 1 I noticed that I never cut her nails. They were very short and jagged. I accused (falsely) the daycare. Then I saw her chewing her nails. I was stunned. Really? At age 1? So I started a tradition that we have been doing ever since. Every Monday I take the time to do nails. We trim, file and paint all of our nails. It makes it easier to remember when I do it the same every week and I also make sure that I take the time to do mine as well. It is some fun girl time and it helps us all have clean, nice looking nails. Even if you have boys, you can trim their nails and then treat yourself. It is just a silly thought that I wanted to share.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Fun part 2

I know I already posted a video, but I wanted to write some commentary about what has been going on. Yesterday was a day of first for us. It was Ariana's first day of nursery. In our church the children stay with their parents until they are 18 months old, then they go to their own classes for the last 2 hours of church. Ariana had a hard time with transitions from playing to singing to lesson. She was happy when they were able to play and she loved the snacks. She is so big. At times my heart grieves to know that While it is her firsts as a child I am leaving behind lasts in motherhood. I won't have a newborn to snuggle with. I won't sit up at night and feel a baby growing inside of me. I will never have a baby with me during all my church meetings. But I am so grateful for what I have. I love my 2 wonderful daughters and I embrace each stage they are in. That brings me to my oldest daughter McKayla's first yesterday. She was able to participate in her first primary program. She sang songs and said her line loud and clear. She did a great job. i can't believe how big she is getting. At times I just want to keep her my small girl. Yesterday was also Chad's first day as choir director for church. Only 5 people showed up, but he is hopeful. He loves music and can sing very well. I know he will do great. I love that there is growth and first in every season of every year. Life is kind of like a present waiting to be opened up every day.

Fall Fun

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Friday, October 16, 2009

We're Good Right?

So, if McKayla was exposed on Tuesday and she is still not showing any signs of illness, we are good right? After canceling all of the plans I had this weekend, I think I am going to get them going again. (Please forgive me good friend.) Plus, I need to really made the invites and plan for the Halloween party and get the costumes figured out. Anyone know where I can find red footie jammies in 4T and 12 months? I think since Chad is going to be the cat he should wear black footie jammies. I'm still at a blank as to what I should be. I really want to be the fish. I may be able to find orange footie jammies and paint my face orange and spray my hair. Maybe I could use tissue paper for some fins? I don't know. Halloween is coming fast. Look out world, things are going to get crazy really soon!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Swine Flu

Yes we are all under quarantine until further notice. None of us is feeling ill. We are all healthy, but we could be contaminated. McKayla went to preschool on Tuesday with a carrier of the virus. The little girl didn't know until Wednesday. The preschool teacher called today and cancelled the field trip to the pumpkin patch and warned all of the parents. I'm a little upset. I really don't want anyone to be sick around here, but now what can I do? We've been exposed and now we have sit back and wait. In the meantime I am going to be jumping at every cough and sniff. I love Clorox Wipes, I will be using them constantly. Here's to staying home and cleaning like mad.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cancelation Fee

Have you seen those signs in doctors offices that explain their cancellation fee? The ones that say that if you do not give 24 hour notice when you cancel you will be charge $25. I understand those signs. I really do. It's rude to skip appointments and the doctors want to ensure that people will be there. Now, have you seen the signs about being late? The ones that say that if you are more than 10 minutes late, you will be charged the $25 cancellation fee and your appointment will have to be rescheduled? I even understand these signs. People should be prompt when attending to appointments. However, i wish that I could have a sign that states if the doctor fails to see me within 20 minutes of my appointment, I reserve the right to charge them $25 cancellation fee. Wouldn't that be wonderful? It would help doctors learn to schedule better. Of course, I think each doctor should spend adequate time with each patient. Sometimes I simply feel like you aren't even really "seen" by the doctor. They just come in and leave as quickly as possible. So, doctors need to schedule more time in between appointments and stay on schedule or you get paid. What do you think?

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Here

Really, I promise, I didn't disappear on you. I've just been busy. We ran out to my parents on Friday night to get some wood. We came back on Saturday and were able to go to the harvest fest. That we pretty fun. Then I ran over to my friends and made some bead things. Whew. On Sunday we had church and then I helped Chad with some homework. Now it is Monday. My house is turned inside out the day has started and things might get back to normal around here. Well, normal for us anyway. I started a fire this morning in the fireplace. It feels nice, but it is a little hot. I still need to get the hang of having the fire create heat, but not boil the downstairs. It's an art. However, at least I don't have to worry about heating downstairs for the rest of the day. All in all, life is good.

Friday, October 9, 2009

God Said

I really couldn't think of another title for this post. Really it's not irreverent, I promise. My family and I are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Common names are LDS or Mormons. Anyway, we are a very religious family and we have faith that our lives are in the hands of a loving Heavenly Father. Sometimes it's not easy having faith. I know this is true for members of any faith and the general population. We have trials! Some are big huge explosions that rip our world apart and others or small every day trials. It's the small everyday trials that I find wearing me down. Chad tries to do 4-6 hours of homework everyday on top of working full time. That leaves me with the house work, yard work and child care. Most days I think I have things under control, but some days I wonder why we are putting ourselves through this torture. My husband and I have come up with the saying "God Said!" Think of it in the tone that a child would use saying, "mom said". It's that all powerful thing to say to a sibling. To us this means that we are doing what we feel is right. We are encouraged to get an education. At some point, I too will go back to school and receive my Master's degree. We feel that I need to be home with the kids. I have nothing against daycare and those that use them. We just had some rotten luck with our oldest in daycare. She had a lot of problems that have gotten better since I started staying home with her. 5 years ago I would have never seen myself as a stay at home mother. Now I can't see myself doing anything else. Of course I miss the kids I worked with, my co-workers, and the parents, but my kids need me. There are times when I just want to run away and hide, but God Said. We find comfort that we are traveling the path that we need to. We are learning to find joy in the journey. It is tough and it always will be. We try not to focus on the future when things will magically get better, we know this will never really happen. Instead we focus on what is and placing one foot in front of the other.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Good Cause

This is my wonderful husband Chad. Now I want you to look very closely at his feet.

Yes, he is wearing heels. My manly man is wearing women's shoes. You may be asking why is he doing this.
Here is why: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is a fundraiser to help programs that help those victims of domestic violence.

All of these men choose to walk a mile in heels for a cause that they believe in.

This cause is very important to us because of a very good friend of ours. She was the victim of domestic violence and her story is amazing and scary because no one knew of her suffering. Even after she left, she had to fight for her freedom everyday. Domestic violence is something that happens more than we think. We need to be aware and if we suspect it, then we need to be willing to step forth and call the police. It may save lives.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stair Races

Yep, this kept them busy for 45 minutes. I hope they don't have bruises tomorrow.
I can't figure out how to turn the video. Sorry.

Name Change

I have decided to change my name. Not that I dislike my name, but it is out of necessity. "MOM" gets shouted way too much around here. And I think that McKayla has forgotten that my name is just mom. Usually it's Mom-Ariana. Such as "Mom, Ariana..." I'm sure you get the point. So, to cure this problem I have decided that I need to change my name into something much longer. Maybe 30 to 40 letters ought to do it. That way, by the time my kids finish saying my name, they will have forgotten what it was they were going to whine about. Of course this plan does have it's down side. Ariana can't sat a whole lot, so she would find the change most distressing. And I would miss the "Mom, I love you". Okay, so maybe I don't want to change my name, maybe I just want to hear in a sweet sound tune of happy girls. Hum...not sure that will work either because sometimes when they are happy their volume goes through the roof. Well, as I can find no solution at 6:00am perhaps I will later in the day.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I hate the hospital. I don't like the look or smell of it. Today I had to go to the hospital for some lab work. I remember the other thing I hate about hospitals-they make you go everywhere to end up where you were to begin with. Chad works at the hospital so I asked him what I should do. He said I'd better check with admissions first before heading to the lab. I went to admissions and waited for someone to help me. I finally noticed a lady eating and talking at a desk. She abruptly told me that I needed to check in. Huh? I thought that was what admissions was. Apparently not. Checking in meant you went to the front desk that says information. How could I have missed that? Of course you check in where it says information. Then the information people take your information and tell you to wait. Then they take you back to admissions to give them your information. See why it's is called information. Anyway, then admissions takes more information from you and has you sign your soul away for the visit. Then they tell you to follow the arrows to the lab. Upon arriving at the lab I wait some more while admissions shares my information with the lab. Then I proceed to get blood drawn numerous amounts of time. Then, I am allowed to come home wondering if I was better off before everyone started poking me and getting my information.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm not ready for winter yet. I love fall. I love cooler temperatures and wearing light jackets. I love watching the leaves change colors. I love going for walks with my kids and stomping the leaves. I love jumping in the leaves and having leaf wars. However, this year winter came. i have to wait a few day for the rain to clear up so that I can work in my garden. Even then it won't be above 60 degrees. Sigh. I simply wanted a few more weeks.