Monday, August 1, 2011

Who We Really Are

Do you ever take a moment to shake off the many layers of goop that cover our eyes when we look at ourselves? I was lamenting the pictures of me in the last post. I was sad to see the oh not so elegant way I looked. From the aging face to the not so thin body to the messed up hair and makeup that was not looking so fresh. I was sad. Then I was blessed to see what was really there. A mother that is gone over 40 hours from her family during the week, who tries so hard to keep her house in good shape took time on the weekend to teach her daughter. My husband and I were able to put aside all of the to do things and focus on two very sweet little girls. It would have been easier to not run around a parking lot chasing a teetering little girl, but every smile was worth it. While I always want to be improving maybe taking time to really see what is there is far better.

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